Much of my research time is devoted to writing R code for data analysis and modelling problems.

See below a few highlights of R projects, or browse my full list of R packages.

I use git version control, see bitbucket and github.

The plantecophys R package

A set of tools to analyze and model leaf gas exchange data, such as fitting A-Ci curves or simulating from a coupled leaf gas exchange model. Visit the repository here, with installation instructions and examples. The package is also on CRAN. Read the open-access publication on PLOS One describing the package.

Plant architecture

I have developed this new version of Yplant in collaboration with Mik Cieslak. This model calculates light interception on each leaf of a digitized plant, accounting for transmission and scattering of light. Read the Prometheus wiki on Yplant here. The model is available as an R package on CRAN, or visit the code repository here.