Some recent work of interest.

Leaf area index in future CO2

Our recent work at the Eucalyptus Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (EucFACE) site showed that trees do not grow more leaves in high CO2. Read a news item here, released by the HIE.

Wasting water in the shade

Court Campany (one of my PhD students) has shown that shade leaves in Eucalyptus trees grown in whole-tree chambers use more water than we might think, and that shade leaves can outperform sun leaves when exposed to just 20min of full sun. See his recent presentation (ESA, Baltimore, 2015) here.

Stomatal behaviour around the world

Yan-Shih Lin, Belinda Medlyn, myself and 50 co-authors have compiled a large database of leaf gas exchange data to quantify, for the first time, difference in stomatal behaviour around the world. Find the publication here, and download the database on figshare.